Chula Vista Resort - Job Positions




Business Name: Chula Vista Resort

Business Type: Resort

Work Location Address:  2501 River Rd  Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

Company Website:

Please list the dates of your seasonal operation:   

Begin Date:  12/01/2019

End Date:  03/31/2020





Job positions

Job Title Salary Hours per week Overtime English level
banquet server $11.50 40 up to 50 hrs/week, $11.50 + 1/2 intermediate and higher
busser $9.00+tips 40 up to 60 hrs/week, $9.00 +1/2 intermediate and higher
dishwasher $13.00/hr 40 possible intermediate 
hostess $15.00 40 possible upper-intermediate or advanced






Is there any necessary training which the exchange visitor must undergo prior to starting their work?  No

If so, is this training paid?  Click here to enter text.

Is there any fee to the exchange visitor for this training? Click here to enter text.

If so, what is the fee? Click here to enter text.

Is there an end of season bonus?  If so, what is it?  No

What conditions must be met in order to receive it?  Click here to enter text.


Number of Employees: 500

Percentage of J-1 Work and Travel students: 20%

Is it possible to get a second job at another employer in the area?                                             It is possible however Chula Vista Resort’s location is out of town.

Drug Testing Policy:  No drug test is required upon hiring. Drug testing may be       administered if managers & security officers find it necessary.

Are you offering this job directly, or through a third party? If so, whom?




            What is the dress code? : Employees will wear the standard departmental uniform while on duty

             What are the grooming guidelines? :  No overdone make up, heavy jewelry, visible tattoos, facial piercings, facial hair will be kept clean/trimmed, no unnatural hair colorings

             Are uniforms provided? :  Uniform Shirt

             Costs (or deposits) for uniforms:  $36

             Is there anything the students need to bring?  Black pants (no jeans) & comfortable black shoes



            Description/ Type of Housing:  Dorm Style

Address of Housing (if known):  2501 River Rd Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

What is the weekly cost for housing?:  $85

How is the rent paid?:  bi-weekly

Is it deducted from payroll or paid directly to the landlord?:  payroll deduction

Is there a Housing Deposit?:  Program fee/housing deposit

How much is the housing deposit?:   $250

When is the deposit due and are there any conditions for a refund? :  $250 program fee is due upon arrival. $100 is retained for administration fees & transportation


Please provide a copy of the housing agreement. Students should tour the housing before signing a housing agreement.


Will apartments be mixed gender? (Bedrooms are required to be the same gender): 


Number of Bedrooms?:  Click here to enter text.

Estimated students per bedroom:  4

Number of full bathrooms?: 1

Number of half bathrooms?:  0

What is included in the housing cost? : Full kitchens, dishes, utensils, pots, pans, cable TV, WIFI, bedding, towels

Is the housing furnished and to what degree?  Kitchen table, chairs, bed, dresser

Will there be beds?:  yes

Will there be a kitchen table?:  yes

Will there be living room furniture?:  no

What other furnishings should students expect to see in the housing?:                                        chairs & dresser

Is there any additional cost to the student for the furniture?:  No


Are meals provided? :    No

Are cooking facilities available in the housing? :  Yes

Are cooking utensils, pots/pans, dishes, and/or glasses provided?:                                             Yes

Are basic supplies like linens/ towels provided? :  Yes

Is internet access available in the housing?:  Yes

Is there an extra cost for this?:  No

What other costs will students need to pay (utilities, phone, etc.)? : 


Other housing features that are offered:  coin op laundry  


Housing Distance to work? : on property

 Is transportation provided to work?: Click here to enter text.

 If YES, please indicate any cost for this transportation:  Click here to enter text.

                    If NO, please describe available local transportation:  Click here to enter text.



Host employers are expected to actively plan, encourage and be involved in at least one cultural event or activity each month for program participants.

Please list 4 cultural activities you expect to plan for students:

Activity 1:  Employee Christmas Party

Activity 2:  Consortium sponsored welcome event

Activity 3:  Cascade Mountain Snow Tubing

Activity 4:  Departmental Pizza Parties

Helpful Websites:  





            Local Population:  3000

Distance to Major Cities:  Madison 50 miles; Milwaukee 100 miles; Chicago 188 miles

Is Public Transportation Available? :  Taxi  

Nearest Airport: Madison, Wisconsin  

Nearest Bus/ Train Station:  Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Are you able to meet students at the airport, bus station, train station, etc. upon arrival in the United States? :  Yes

Distance from Housing to Public Transportation: Call Taxi

Distance from Housing to Supermarket: 4 miles

Average Temperatures:  December:  20 degrees Fahrenheit

March:  40 degrees Fahrenheit June:  80 degrees Fahrenheit



NOTA: Las Condiciones de la oferta de trabajo se han presentado en condiciones ideales según la necesidad y proyección en el momento de la solicitud del empleador y podría sufrir modificaciones.